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About Us

FengjieGoods.com is the e-commerce business platform for Fengjie Marketing. Fengjie Markerting has more than 20 years of retailing experience in both consumables and household items and we realise the future trend of doing business lies in a combination of O2O (offline-to-online) and brick-and-mortar stores. We already have our physical stores and is ready to integrate the O2O concept to our existing business.


Fengjie is committed to provide you with the freshest consumable products and high quality eco-friendly household items.
We are also committed to fulfill your order within 72 hours when orders are placed and confirmed.
Fengjie also believe in giving back to society. Hence we are committed to support and contribute to local charities

As you browse through FengjieGoods.com and make your purchases, we hope you have an enjoyable and satisfying experience with us.

Always with you to serve you.