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Household Items居家用品

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HAD020/DAC026: Solid Cube Drain Cleaner    固体管道通268g Sale
4.90 6.80
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DAA038: Plant Multi-Function Cleaner 植物多效一喷净500ml x 2 Sale
28.10 31.90
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DAA032:Multi-Action Laundry Detergent 1kg 多效洗衣液 Sale
6.40 8.60
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DAC025:Liquid Drain Cleaner 600ML 液体管道通 Sale
5.40 6.90
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DAC008/DAC002:Kitchen Oil Cleaner (exclude spray head) 油污净 (不含喷头) 500ml Sale
5.60 6.80
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DAI001:Kitchen Oil Cleaner	Spray 爱生活油污净喷头 Sale
1.10 1.60
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HAD051/ASF015/SB1308: Multi-Action Laundry Detergent 2kg ILIFE 多效洗衣液两公斤装 Sale
13.80 15.00
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SB1300:Bamboo Extract Dishwashing Liquid ILIFE 竹萃洗洁精 1.1kg Sale
7.70 9.80
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SB1423: Scale Cleaner (25g X 5) ILIFE 水垢清洁剂 Sale
2.70 3.50
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DAC011/CH1307:Toilet Cleaner (blue/white) ILIFE 50g X 4pcs  蓝白泡泡洁厕宝 Sale
4.00 5.80
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CH1614: Mosquito Coil (no smell, no smoke) KARDLI 绿叶蚊香-无烟无味型(5双盘) Sale
2.00 2.80
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CH1711:MultiFuction Staless Steel Cleanering Pads ILIFE 500g 多功能不锈钢清洁膏 Sale
9.90 13.90
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79.60 99.00
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SB1393:Non-stick Cooking Fry Pan 32cm KARDLI 铁不粘炒菜锅 Sale
66.00 69.00
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DAA044: Plant Small Molecule Laundry Detergent 1kg ILIFE 植物小分子洗衣液 Sale
9.40 9.90
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SB1310: Glass Cleaner 500ml KARDLI 玻璃清洁剂 Sale
6.20 8.00
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SB1350: Antibacterial Laundry Detergent for infants-500ML 婴幼儿抑菌洗衣液 Sale
6.00 7.90
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DAC031/HAD041: Advanced Toilet Bowl Cleaner 500ml ILIFE 超凡净力洁厕液 Sale
5.70 6.90
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DAC029: Dishwashing Liquid - 1kg ILIFE 洗碗洗洁精 Sale
8.90 9.80
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DAC029-1/SB1392:Dishwashing Cleaner Pump 洗洁精泵头 Sale
1.10 1.30
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