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DAA038: Plant Multi-Function Cleaner 植物多效一喷净500ml x 2

Award winning all natural pesticides remover
Cleans fruits and vegetables effectively
Kills 99% germs on surfaces and worktops
Non toxic
Great for cleaning toys and baby essentials
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iLIFE Plant Multi-Function Cleaner Raw Liquid + Diluent Combo

Greenleaf iLife Plant Multi-function spray removes pesticides and toxins from our fruits and veggies thoroughly with just 3 to 4 sprays for a punned of grapes! it is cost efficient, eco-friendly and of high quality. It is formulated with no harmful chemicals and can be used to clean our kitchen tools, appliances and sinks as well!

iLife plant multi-effect spray

1 set ➡ a bottle of original solution ➕ a bottle of diluent. (a set of 11 bottles of diluent can be changed, last year can be used)

Main ingredients: purified water, plant extract, sea water extract, coconut oil surfactant

Scope of application:

*All kinds of fruits and vegetables, dish towels, cutting boards, tableware, refrigerators, microwave ovens, household items, fabric sofas, glass, ceramics, children's toys, floors, etc., watches, gold and silver jewellery, car interiors, steering wheels, car gears and other surfaces clean

Don't be too troublesome. When washing vegetables, be sure to spray and soak them with green leafy fruits and vegetables, which can remove more than 99% of pesticide residues.

Safe new product, no petrochemical ingredients, safe and healthy

Safety Guarantee Construct a safety line of defence before the entrance of food ingredients and create a safe kitchen.

⏭️Antibacterial function, tested by the national legal testing agency, the sterilization rate of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is more than 90%. ⏭️The safe materials use plant extracts and marine biological extracts as the main raw materials.

⏭️Removal of pesticide residues It has been tested by the national legal testing agency to effectively remove pesticide residues.

⏭️Environmental protection, biological degradation, no pollution, no secondary pollution, protect the home environment, the earth environment



主要成份纯净水, 植物萃取物, 海水提取物, 椰油表面活性剂


*各类水果蔬菜,洗碗巾, 菜板, 餐具, 冰箱, 微波炉,家居用品, 布艺沙发, 玻璃, 陶瓷, 儿童玩具, 地板等,手表金银首饰, 汽车内饰, 方向盘, 汽车排挡等表面清洁

不要嫌麻烦, 洗菜时一定要用绿叶爱生活的果蔬一喷净浸泡一下, 可以去除农药残留达99%以上

安全新品, 不含石化成份, 安全健康

安全保障构筑食材入口前安全防线, 打造安全厨房。

⏭️抗菌功能,经国家法定检测机构检测, 对大肠杆菌, 金黄色葡萄球菌, 杀菌率达90%以上,⏭️安全材料采用植物萃取、海洋生物萃取物为主要原料。



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